5 Book Marketing Resolutions


A new year means new resolutions! Many authors have writing goals and publishing goals, but what about marketing goals?

Marketing goals are important for authors since a strong author platform can make the difference between selling books only to your family and friends and selling books around the world. Here are 5 marketing resolutions that are a great place to start in order to boost your author platform in 2018.

1. Actively participate in one writing organization

The key word is activelyThe purpose of joining an organization is to create a network of fellow writers that can help you not only strengthen your writing skills but also strengthen your circle of influence. The organization can be as simple as a local writing group or as large as a national writing organization. Remember, be involved! Participate in monthly meetings, comment on forum threads, and make yourself a positive asset to the organization’s community. When you’re ready to publish your book, this organization will be one of your strongest support groups.

2. Submit one article each month for publication consideration

It can be a magazine, website, or blog, just make sure that the media you are contacting publishes content that aligns with your genre/topic. Creating your own media list will help you track which media outlets you’ve contacted recently. Published articles increase your credibility as an author and create connections for potential book reviews/features in the future.

3. Post bi-monthly articles on your blog or website

Having fresh content on your blog or website can increase both your website traffic and subscriber count. You will become a trusted source (so make sure you do your research) in your specific genre/topic. A strong email list is one of the most beneficial things you as an author can have when you launch your book, because you already have an eager readership. If already post bi-monthly up your goal to posting weekly.

4. Attend one writing conference 

Similar to actively participating in a writing organization, a writing conference allows you to meet with specialists from all fields of writing and publishing. You will find editors, agents, publicists, and publishers who could prove to be very valuable connections. Attend a writing conference, take notes in each session, and meet as many people as possible (if you have business cards, be sure to bring them!)

5. Post daily on at least two different social media platforms

Social media is the bridge between authors and readers. Posting good content (strong photography, posts relevant to your work, current links) will help potential readers discover your work. Make sure your posts are a reflection of the genre/topic you are writing about. Having a goal to post daily will force you to plan ahead which in turn will strengthen your posts and increase your engagement rates.


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