What’s Your Favorite Book? (Careful with Your Answer)

Can we talk about one of my biggest bookworm pet peeves? It has to do with the simple question “What’s your favorite book?”
I often ask this question when I’m looking for a new book recommendation. I want something that I can check out from the library, read in three weeks, enjoy, and return. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options to choose from, but somehow when I ask, “What’s your favorite book?” so many people name a series instead of a single title.
Harry Potter is not a book title.
The Lord of the Rings is not a book title.
The Lunar Chronicles is not a book title.
The Hunger Games…technically is a title, but you know they’re not just talking about the first book.
I am by no means bashing on trilogies, sagas, chronicles, sets or series. In fact, a good chunk of the books on my shelf are boxed sets. All of the series listed above I’ve read and loved and own. (I own part of the Lunar Chronicles, but only because I’m poor and need to buy food instead of books.)
It’s frustrating to look up a title recommendation only to find there are five other books I’ll need to read in order to have the full plot resolved. That’s not a three week read, that’s an investment!
So please, the next time someone asks you, “What’s your favorite book?” answer the question correctly. Not books. Not book series. Just book.
The Lord of the Rings
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter…I’m missing book two!


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